Thomas Schaub

Thomas Schaub is a CMP Cambridge (CMPC) Founder and Chief Strategist. 


Tom advises and develops leaders and teams who manage human interdependence.  Tom works on high stakes transactions, transitions, transformations and joint outcomes that depend upon people and their relationships.  Tom brings to his clients and colleagues 30 years of experience in negotiation both getting to yes and saying no effectively, facilitation of high-stake multi-party/multi-issue interactions, conflict management, joint problem-solving, stakeholder engagement, and strategic relationship management. 

In the private sector Tom’s practice centers on leadership development, c-suite teaming, labor/management negotiations, strategic alliances, inter-departmental coordination, organizational change, and building and managing key relationships in procurement, sales, cross-division teaming and stakeholder relations.

Tom’s public sector practice centers on leadership capacity building, education, and direct strategic assistance. He has led initiatives with the World Bank, the Nile Basin Initiative, political parties in Kashmir, the Government of Brunei, the Bahrain Economic Development Board, the Nepalese Constitutional Assembly, the UN Special Envoy for Peace to Burundi, the Office of the President of Sri Lanka, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, the Dubai Institute for Human Resources Development, governments around the world, and the City of Minneapolis, among others.  


Here are a few examples of Tom’s experience.

  • Served first as a Teaching Fellow and later as a colleague with Prof. Roger Fisher, Founder and Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project and author of seminal works like Getting to Yes and Getting it DONE (Lateral Leadership).

  • Formed a coalition of stakeholders and led UN and joint Humanitarian relief operations in Southern Sudan during the civil war, protecting 500,000 lives.

  • Successfully negotiated the release of hostages.

  • Advised on the successful transformation of one of the world’s largest tech companies from hardware sales to a services market strategy and internal culture. 

  • Built the professional development journey for a Fortune 500 consumer products sales division as well as built their top-to-top negotiations with key accounts.

  • Advised a head of state on the resolution of a violent civil conflict in South East Asia.

  • Advised on successful critical alliances, labor/management agreements, and leadership development programs in the global energy sector.

  • Resolved a crippling dispute in a multibillion-dollar aerospace supply chain; 

  • Created a backchannel negotiation process resulting in a new National constitution in Asia.

  • Developed technologies such as Strategic Trust™, a tactical Strategic Compass™, a strategic Sphere of Influence™, managing and winning the Hard Game ™, managing The Negotiation Paradox™, and Self Mastery Leadership ™.

  • Built the core negotiation leadership programs at leading universities in China, Central and South East Asia, Europe, Africa, and the US.

Before forming CMP Cambridge, Tom founded and later served as the CEO of CMPartners, LLC.  He founded and led CMI Claris, LLC.  He worked as a Senior Consultant with Conflict Management Inc. (CMI).  He held both the Africa and Asia Directorships with the non-profit Conflict Management Group (CMG). Earlier Tom worked with the Harvard Institute for International Development, negotiated and managed contracts for the US Federal General Services Administration, and served with the US Peace Corps in Africa.

While working with Prof. Fisher at Harvard University, Tom received the Danforth Award for Teaching Excellence. Tom studied history, philosophy and biology at St. John’s University and the University of Minnesota and earned his Master in Public Policy with an international development and negotiation core from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.