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Professor Joel Lee

Joel Lee is a CMP Cambridge (CMPC) Founder and Partner. 

Based in Singapore, Joel plays a leading role in CMP Cambridge’s consulting, leadership coaching and organizational development practice areas and operations. 


Joel is a Professor at the Faculty of Law, the National University of Singapore. Joel co-pioneered the teaching of Negotiation and Mediation in the Singapore Universities. Joel has developed new and unique tools and teaching techniques.


Joel has advised leaders at the highest levels of business and government in the successful practice of negotiation.  He helped build the executive training program at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. 


Joel has taught and mentored some of the key thought leaders and talented professionals in the practice of negotiation. He also inaugurated the Professor Roger Fisher Prize in Singapore.  


Joel has played a significant role in furthering the development of mediation in Singapore, not just in education but in practice. Joel is a principal mediator with and the Training Director of the Singapore Mediation Centre. 


Joel was a member of the International Mediation Institute's Independent Standards Commission and Intercultural Taskforce and was also a key member of the Ministry of Law’s Working Group on International Commercial Mediation. Joel is presently the founding Chair of the Board of the Singapore International Mediation Institute.


Joel has also taught at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Law, Economics and Science of Aix‐Marseille (Aix‐en‐Provence France) and Anglia Law School (UK) and is the co-editor and co- author of the book An Asian Perspective on Mediation and the Singapore Mediation Handbook, and the General Editor for the Asian Journal on Mediation. In 2011, Joel was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award, which is the National University of Singapore's highest teaching award. Joel is also a Wing Tsun Kung Fu master.


Joel’s research interests include innovative pedagogy, methodology, alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, conflict of laws and neuro-linguisitics. 

Joel is graduate of Victoria University of Wellington and Harvard Law School.